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Independent Workers often pay a high price for working in non-standard arrangements, making it increasingly more difficult to survive in the competitive environment. Seismic changes to the economy, where decentralization and outsourcing are now the norm, have had a profound effect on the way that jobs are organized and workers receive benefits. Independent workers do not have access to the traditional safety net designed to benefit and protect full-time employees.

"Vaguely related to this, Iíve been thinking about pleasure. My main discovery is that pleasure cannot be described. Instead one must rely on the experience of the reader, on the fact that the reader has had certain experiences, and attempt to write something that invokes those experiences. I think, say, of kissing. What is there to say to describe kissing, the experience of kissing, other than that it feels nice, which describes nothing. Choreographic descriptions of lips and tongues donít cut it.
After failing to get the song to play in a loop, I turned out all the lights, started the song again from the beginning, and danced. This felt nice (!) until I noticed my outline in the mirror near at the foot of my bed. That made me self-conscious."

"It has a button that says 'repeat,' but evidently the button is broken or is repeating something elsewhere in the world."

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